DDGN Powered Original, Unique and Innovative Content Delivery Network

CDCFN Alpha V has launched with sample content and more and ready to flight
CDCFN Alpha V has launched with sample content and more and ready to flight


1) Original Content owners generally share their content for nothing. 

Thus: The majority of the people even don´t share what they have. People, in general, do nothing for sharing.

Only a very small fraction of the “share” (mostly on FORUMS) and they get a few replies, maybe in a few cases some comments, a few “thanks”.

No real feedback, nothing solid in return, nothing to earn or have, no real contribution back, in any way.

2) Nothing is in reality anonymous.

When you post on a forum, you are highly probably can be traced, your activities can be seen, documented – filtered, used. From that forum´s owners to many authorities.

Files / Videos whatever you upload, mostly and mainly is on a company´s server(s).. doesn´t matter where and how file sharing system or site you use. It´s highly probably a licensed, regulated, “company” which is tied with legal authorities and has boundaries on all. Plus, your content is never 100% protected and can be seen, used, or traced “with” and “in” many ways.

3) Shooting content / Producing / Editing, all stuff related with and “until” sharing it, needs tones of EFFORTS, TIME and MONEY.

Really. Big, huge efforts, time, money to be invested. Again: TIME, which is the core of life. So, people who share their content for nothing in solid, in return, waste his or her life for a few thanks: FOR NOTHING.

It´s not a hobby. It’s a very EXPENSIVE activity, in many ways.

4) Who is the original content owner, who is just copying and uploading it again, and or even without uploading giving the links on many other FORUMS, or platforms, is another issue.

It all could be in another way with a few simple upgrades:


If the content owner would be awarded,

with a “points like system“, like in the current forums, reputation points and or “likes” he gets AND IF those points could be exchanged by something valuable (like real-life values/utilities) THEN the shooter´s huge efforts for his sharings, posts, threads, content would be returning to him as real-life benefits.

When you post a new thread, a video, pics, you get 1 point for example, and when / if those points could be turned into money or some other real-world value or thing, we would definitely see more photo/video shooters/producers/content sharers.

So, TECHNICALLY – Here is what we have here:

Step 1,

a simple social network on which you have a simple profile.

No personal details BUT an Ethereum Wallet to have is mandatory TO GET YOUR REWARDS to it.

Step 2,

you share your content (videos and or photos)

Everything you create and do can bring you points automatically and manually, like by getting likes, upvotes, rep´s from other users / reactions.

Step 3,

as the system uses its own Token and that token can be exchanged into other Cryptos, like Ethereum and or Bitcoin, your points can be exchanged any time by you, to Cryptocurrency.


Your sharings (content, video, posts) on your profile always (like on many other big social networks you already know and use) bring you crypto.

So that when you have new connections, share good and nice content, more people will give you likes and you generate/have more points.

Simply, more in return for you. More Content / Share, Higher Quality Postings, More Edited and Finally Worthy, Better, More High Quality for Everybody involved and by the owner´s getting what he deserves, automatically, transparently, independently, almost immediately.

Check Devil´s Dragon for more information.On Blockchain with Love Forged in the Fire of DDGN

On Blockchain with Love Forged in the Fire of DDGN